((scenes from the city)) new neighborhood


There is always something interesting to see while crossing this intersection. There is a walkway to cross above the street and its just steps from my building.


My building is 20 stories and great views. The fitness room and pool are up there and its been great.

IMG_1154 IMG_0637

I found some good coffee nearby. Do they know me?


Getting to know the faces in the crowd

Bangkok Skyline at Asoke

It’s a fun and unpredictable place to live – this city.

But how do you keep from just being another face in the crowd? Where can you find a place to find genuine friends and build relationships in a crazy mecca of shopping and tourism? Maybe some of my own experience can help.

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Another Christmas

I’m trying not to wallow in the embarrassing fact that it has been nearly 12 months since my last blog post.

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If you know me irl then you know that sometimes I don’t have much to say. Sometimes I can be really clever and surprise people. So I guess I ran out of clever things to post here. But let’s get on with it… Continue reading