5 a day: summer salad recipe

It’s blazing summer here in Bangkok and it calls for easy cool meals like this bean salad. This salad came together from what I had around one day when it was too hot to go out to find lunch.

For the dressing, I chopped a clove of garlic and fresh mint. Salt and plenty of black pepper, also a sprinkle of crushed red pepper. Adding a drizzle of olive oil and squeezing one lime, then let those flavors blend in the bowl.


I start by getting the young soybeans (edemame) from the freezer and adding them to boiling water. These cooled away for about 6 minutes then went in the fridge until they were cool enough to handle. I like to cook them because I prefer them to be a little bit softer. Also because I was not preparing this ahead of time and they were frozen.


Cherry tomatoes cut in quarters and cubed cucumbers went in the bowl with the dressing. Then I took the remains of a can of chickpeas (about 2/3 were left). Another preference I have is to rinse the chickpeas and pop them out of the little peel or shell thing.

IMG_1137Although this is a bit time consuming and possibly unnecessary, I do it most of the time when I use them for hummus or falafel so I did it for the salad. Someone let me know if you do this also.


The soybeans were cooled off enough to pop them right out of the pods and into the mix with everything else. And lastly, I threw in some sunflower seeds for a crunch.


Fun part starts now. Add the lid and a few dance moves to shake the bowl to coat everything with the dressing. In the end, I also decided to add a bit of Kewpie Japanese mayonnaise. But I also have eaten it without the mayo and it was tasty.


Mmmm…summer looks like this. Just want to dive in—tool of choice is either a spoon or some whole wheat crackers.

I tend to just throw recipes together without measuring but below is my guesstimation of ingredients. But have at it—add what you have in your fridge. I think it would be great with avocado but sadly here in Bangkok one tasty hunk of green gold will cost you 99B or $3.00 so I walk by them mournfully each time I’m at the store.

If you try your own, please let me know how it turned out and what else you added in the comments.

Summer Bean Salad with Lime Mint Dressing

Drizzle of Olive oil and/or 2 tbsp of mayo (Kewpie)
1 large Clove of garlic – chopped
juice of 1 lime
8-10 fresh Mint leaves – chopped
pinch cumin
crushed chili pepper

Japanese cucumber – diced and some seeds scooped out
10 Cherry tomatoes – quartered
1 c. Green soybeans – boiled, shelled, cooled
1/2 c. Chickpeas
1/3 c. Sunflower seeds
Mint leaves for garnish

Mix altogether and chill for an hour or however long you can distract yourself before digging in. 


Delicious but not neighbor friendly

So I live in a twenty-story condo building. Some days its quiet and some days I feel like I’m in college again when I can hear my neighbor’s tv or parties. But tonight I was the noisy neighbor.

I made three dishes for dinner (plus a veggie) and two of them required the use of my food processor— in my case a blender attachment. My cheap blender seems especially loud when I know how thin the walls can seem. Continue reading

Un burrito, por favor

Avocado-burritoToday’s lunch came together purely by happenstance. I had leftover white rice, a bit of soup with beans, and tortillas & WALAAH = burrito. I actually almost missed out on the beans because I forgot there was still soup, but what a happy find. I heated the beans with the green peppers and broth from the soup, then whipped them in my mini food processor. BAM = beans.

What interesting concoctions have come out of your fridge lately? Comment and let me know!



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