How Introverts Network

Here’s the thing – we hate it. When I go to meetings or conferences, I like to take a buddy and then primarily hide in the corner. Or I smile and nod while my buddy mingles. I’m cool with not chatting and I’m pretty happy with the amount of people I already know, so don’t feel bad for me if you catch me sitting all by my lonesome. I probably am deliriously happy. 

The thing is sometimes I get volunteered for things like presenting two workshops on behalf of my team at a conference with 300 people. This requires not only networking but *gasp* public speaking. Thankfully, as a lot of you can attest, I’ve had some practice with the public speaking. So despite the nervous sweating, shaky voice and hands, I made it through the workshops. I even made new friends, who came from one of the most interesting places, Bhutan. (look it up. It’s neat.)

Thankfully, not all 300 people came to our workshop and there were familiar faces in the crowd. We had a very positive response from those who did come. And my buddy/human conversation shield, Sharon (pic right) and I got to have some tasty airport treats like Krispie Kreme and Burger King. 

The moral of this story is that sometimes life throws little curveballs like unexpected conference presentations (which I know is a very small thing but gives me, an introvert, anxiety). But God is always in control, always teaching new things, and always sending blessings along the way. 


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