looking back

It was a full year. Not just 365 days but 365 days filled (mostly) with adventures, accomplishments, memories, and all around goo times. With quite a bang, the year started with beaches, islands, and elephants. Exploring beautiful Thailand with sudo-family, friends, and family. Work went well with big events, lots of learning and building relationships as a team.

Summer was a precious time of memory making with family. There were road trips with the youth to help me feel young (or old, not sure) and another road trip with old friends to make it even sweeter. THere were struggles, uncomfortable times of growth and time to realize that while I have my own adventure, so does everyone else back home. I caught a glimpse and am more grateful than ever that relationships and friendships that count are built on foundations of memories, love, respect and time that distance cannot break.

So here’s to you year 26. Thank you and good riddance.

last photo as a 26 yr old.

And here’s to you year 27. Please be kinder, wealthier, and wiser. Not in memories or friends but kinder in keeping close to those I already have. Not wealthier in bank accounts or possessions, but in a adventures and life lessons. Not in facts or knowledge but in wisdom found in walking closer each day with the Author of life and wonderful counselor.

this nearly 27 year old. xo


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