Another Christmas

I’m trying not to wallow in the embarrassing fact that it has been nearly 12 months since my last blog post.


If you know me irl then you know that sometimes I don’t have much to say. Sometimes I can be really clever and surprise people. So I guess I ran out of clever things to post here. But let’s get on with it…

It’s Christmas again and like last year, I am spending it in Thailand. It is different than snowy, cold Christmas in Pennsylvania.

Some very creative people drew a picturesque snowy Bangkok. They are dreaming for sure, but I would love to see it happen.


It would be epic for sure, especially since most Thai people have never seen snow. But with the already nightmarish traffic that plagues the city, I imagine snow here would be more like this:

We haven’t had snow but the temperature has been uncharacteristically low for the past week. And there were those who argued whether it could happen after it snowed in Egypt. [It won’t] But I am soaking up the cool temps by spending time chilling on my balcony and relishing walking around the city without mopping sweat from my face. 

Christmas Nong

Who needs a tree!

I was a part of the Place of Grace Christmas party again this year and it was so fun. The kids were excited about it for weeks. We played games, had face painting, gave out gifts and had dinner with their families. It was a bit chaotic at times but it was a joy to see how they each were so happy to receive something that was just for them. Despite the tough conditions they live in and futures without much to look forward to, the kids are full of smiles and laughter every Thursday when it’s their time to come to club. The goal is to show them each that they are special and loved because God made them.


Christmas party with the teens.

It’s interesting teaching them about Christmas because in a country that is less than 1% Christian, Christmas is purely a commercial holiday. There are plenty of lights and decorations, but everything is an advertisement and photo op.

Tree at Ari BTS station

Christmas Tree at Ari BTS station

Don’t get me wrong. I still enjoy the holiday cheer, but it’s not the same as a White Christmas with family.

ahh the Yule log

Merry Christmas from me to you!


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