Faux Fall

Recently I wrote an update to my family and friends back home. And I mentioned how I am missing the changing seasons. Here in Thailand, it is eternal summer with only slight changes. So I am having what I’ve dubbed “Faux Fall”.

They do grow pumpkins here, not the orange jack-o-lantern pumpkins, but squat green pumpkins. Good news is that they taste delicious! So far, I’ve tried Curried Pumpkin soup and Pumpkin Spiced Latte syrup. Now this week is my greatest pumpkin creation yet!

I used this recipe for Pumpkin Gingersnaps from Two Peas & Their Pod. The cookies alone are delicious—soft on the inside but crunchy on the outside when you roll them in sugar before baking. But they weren’t quite pumpkin-y enough for me. So I whipped up some Pumpkin Froyo.

Throughout high school and summers home from college, I worked at a little mom and pop ice cream placed called the Creme Stop. And we would make our own pumpkin ice cream every Fall. Taking from that experience, I tried my own recipe.

I pureed about 6-8 cubes (1/4 cup maybe) of roasted pumpkin (canned here is outrageous $$$!). With the pumpkin in the food processor, I added a few tbsp of brown sugar, pinch of nutmeg, 1/2 tbsp of cinnamon and 1 tsp of ground ginger. Basically I gave it a whirl and was satisfied when it all smelled just like pumpkin pie. (The measurements are really guesses because I’m usually too lazy to make more dished dirty.) Lastly, I added about 2/3 cup of yogurt and gave a few more pulses.

Then it was into a plastic container and into the freezer. Then wait…wait……sleep…wait. Bake some fresh cookies and let them cool. Then make your sandwiches and enjoy your face off.

Oh and I almost forgot one great thing about the Gingersnap recipe is that the dough needs to be chilled, so you can keep it in the fridge for about 3 days. Great for me because I live alone and have what barely qualifies as an oven, so I can only bake 5 cookies at a time.

I want to know what your favorite Fall recipes are and please let me know if you try this one too!

Happy Falling, 


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