Exploring Bangkok

Last week, a gal from PA named Cara came to hang with me in Bangkok. We had a good time going all over the city, seeing everything from Wats to markets to the trademark BKK malls. Here’s a look at what we explored>>

Wat Pho & Wat Arun

Flower Market


Chinatown was really neat, almost felt like a whole different city. The photo at the top of the post is also Chinatown. We saw tons of cool stuff and ate some great food. Jackfruit—we didn’t love.

“Floating” Market

More like Thai carnival.

We found a place where we were the only white people!

So that is probably enough pictures for one post. But its five days worth of adventures, so congratulations if you’ve gotten to the bottom.

Fun story>> Cara nearly got lost in like THE most downtown part of Bangkok, called Siam square. Basically, its the tourist trap with these giant malls and the central Skytrain stop, so its not scary because its touristy. But we didn’t have a set spot to meet after my Thai class and her exploring on her own + her phone stopped working mysteriously. For all I knew she could have been in like any of the malls there or still exploring and I couldn’t get ahold of her. So I’m thinking this is great, my guest is lost in the city and probably couldn’t get back to my apartment by herself, if she tried.  So I’m on the phone with someone else, standing on the Skytrain walking bridge between the malls, and I spot Cara just below me on the sidewalk! How crazy is that! So of course I try to run and catch her, as dignified as one possibly can while running and calling someone’s name. But it worked! I was so relieve and just had to think “Wow, God you are really looking out for us even in the little things!”

Thanks for reading my blog. Hopefully more adventures in the near future. 😀



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