Perfect combo of carrots and cheese

Most of my week, especially late into the evenings, has looked like the above photo. I’ve been skyping into a meeting with my team, while they are meeting in Washington, DC. This has meant late nights and odd sleeping patterns. But…

I have had time to try some fun recipes. The first one was The Perfect Carrot Cake, which was delicious and a very popular post on my facebook page.

Side note: I really love my purple silicon cupcake pan. Its been working great for me, esp since I don’t have cupcake papers. But I can just squeeze them out from the bottom. Love it!

I made half the recipe for the carrot cake and added almonds. I had a little bit of batter left after making the 6 cupcakes, so I got creative and baked the last bit in a plain, old white coffee mug. That is how I got this cutie below.

Find the recipe here to try it yourself. You won’t be sorry.   😀

There is another recipe that I am also loving right now. i’ll share it with you soon. But if you are needing some dinner time inspiration check out They’ve got everything.



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