My First Thai Holiday

There have been other holidays since I’ve been here but I always managed to miss them in my travels. But this time I was here. 😀

Monday was His Majesty the King’s birthday. It is an important day for Thais. And they know how to celebrate. Lois, Katie and I went to the King’s Park, which is conveniently located not far from where we live. So there, along with a few 1000 of our closest Thai friends, we enjoyed the lights and beautiful flowers in the park. I’ve haven’t been to the park before so I’m looking forward to going back and seeing it in the day light sometime. But they had transformed it into quite the magical place for the night.

Anybody seen Tangled?? Well, there were paper lanterns being lit all evening, just like in the movie, (but real life… :D). It was very cool. Video coming soon…

It was great to spend the evening with these lovely ladies, l: Lois r: Katie.

The fireworks closed the evening, but people continued to light lanterns and mill about afterwords. There were people still arriving when we were leaving. We didn’t partake in all the festivities, like the food or shopping, but this was one big party.

This Saturday, 10 Dec is another Thai holiday, Constitution Day. Yay for a holiday on Saturday = no thai class this week! I’ll let you know how they celebrate this one, but I think that mostly I will be celebrating the fact that Sara is coming back to Bangkok! Yay! Sadly, this is the last visit for a while as she is going back to the States on Monday.

Have you ever been in a different country for a foreign holiday? Its fun, right? So ask me about more Thai holidays and let plan a trip for you to experience them with me. ‘Kay? mmh-kay!



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