Namaste Nepal

Last week I had the opportunity to be in Nepal. The trip was much too short but I got to see some great things. 

It was very cold in KTM, especially considering I’ve been in endless summer for the past 6 months here in Bangkok. I was very happy to have this cup of chiya (milk tea).

I got myself a yak. 😀 He’s a cute little thing that came in a Nativity scene I found.

Here is my traveling buddy, Miss Sara. We have had a lot of fun exploring new places together. And I have really enjoyed having her stay with me in Bkk in between her puddle jumping.

We did a lot of Christmas shopping. There were 2 great handicraft shops we went to. This one above, called Lokta Paper, and another called Dhukuti.

Shhh don’t tell my mom I was playing with my food.
Who can guess what I was drawing??? Comment!

😀 Got to see Mount Everest!! It was a pretty cool flight.

We visited the southeastern city of Biratnagar. And then we traveled around the
countryside a bit to see some schools in the area.

What did we see the most of?
Rice! And it was beautiful.

After the grains are harvested from the stalks of rice, they pile the stalks in
these ‘hay’stacks to use to feed their animals.

Some of the rice was being harvested and some would be ready in about a month, we were told. You could see the different colors of paddies. And it was a beautiful sight.

Happy to be back in Bangkok for a bit now. Trying to figure out some creative ways to decorate for Christmas. Any suggestions?



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