Sawadii Ka (Hello)

Yesterday was my second Thai class. 

My week had been very busy so I did not have time to study very much. Because of that my expectations were really low.

In the first class, we had learned a lot of things. The class is once a week for 4 hours so we covered 2 lessons. First, sounds of the alphabet then tones. Thai has 5 tones—one more than Chinese. So it keeps things interesting. In the first class, we mainly just practiced saying sounds and words. There was a lot of vocab, but most of it was just to demonstrate the pronunciation.

The second lesson was on greeting people and basic conversation. One nice thing about Thai is that the basic sentence structure is simple: s + v + o. (like “My name is Malynda” – Dichan chww Malynda kha.)

So here is an example of a question: Khun maa caak pratheet aria kha?
You come from country what?

Your answer would be: “Dichan maa caak pratheet America kha.” Or just “America”
I come from country America.

So Thai class is fun. The other students (there’s 12) are from many different countries. I think it will be a good experience. And maybe not as hard as I was imagining. Time will tell…

Have you ever learned a foreign language on the ground? or have some fun language learning blunders?? I’d love to hear. 



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