Colors of My Day


If you know me, its not hard to figure out that my favorite color is purple. 😀

So in the middle of drinking my delicious mango/banana smoothie and working on a project this morning, I was feeling cold and wanted a scarf…but then I got distracted because the one I picked is new and smelled kind of funny. And it wasn’t soft yet, like it was just too new. So I decided to wash it. Then I decided to wash the purple one that I’ve had forever. (Scarves often become bibs, don’t they??) This one needed washed.

Anywhoo….the dye ran a little. You know just a tad…I was actually thinking, “hmmm, I wonder what I could dye purple with this??” But I just rinsed and rinse. Then just wrung it out. It was never going to stop coming out purple. So now I have a clean scarf. Its still purple.

The other scarf is now nice and soft as well.

The rest of my day was pretty colorful too, I would say.


There was the smoothie for breakfast. Its a great breakfast for working and movie cups are great for smoothies.

Then later I had to pay some bills at 7-11 so I popped into the Coffee Park next door and got this colorful iced tea. Wasn’t what I expected but it was delicious.

What a color coordinated day. 😀

I hope your day is as colorful and blessed.


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